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[EP138] That can be our honeymoon!

[EP138] That can be our honeymoon!

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Selan, Lady Ira

(We find Selan and Selanio hanging about on campus.)

So hey, Selanio, I’ve got an idea.

Selanio: Yeah?

Selan: Let’s go to Tunguska.

Selanio: Pfft, no.

Selan: Why not?

Selanio: I think the better question is why would you want to go there in the first place?

Selan: Dude, there was, like, a huge explosion there and it’s mysterious and weird and AWESOME. Maybe aliens crashed there, we don’t know! We should bring Xeno. If there’s aliens he can lure ‘em out.

Selanio: It was a comet and you know that.

Selan: Hey, you never know.

Selanio: And Selanio doesn’t care enough to investigate. Selan does not get it because she is not from Siberia, but Tunguska is a swampy hole in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. We’d have to go a lot of the way on foot to get to the impact site, and then what? Oooh, bogs. Sooo exciting.

Selan: No tourist site promoting outlandish theories to get you to buy bad merchandise? =<

Selanio: What are you, nuts? It’s not Disney, it’s RUSSIA.

Selan: Aw.

Selanio: So there.

Selan: Well… what about Xeno finding aliens?

Selanio: It happened like a century ago.

Selan: Aliens can live a long time. Xeno says Indrid’s, like, millions of years old.

Selanio: Selanio calls shenanigans on that.

Selan: You think he’s lying?

Selanio: Yes.

Selan: Well still, aliens could be hiding out in Siberia. Why not?

Selanio: Because there are more exciting places to be. Aliens would rather be out drinking in Moscow or something.

Selan: Have you seen any there?

Selanio: I’ve seen people weird enough to be aliens.

Selan: Okay. Let’s go back to Moscow!

Selanio: You know I can’t. -_-

Selan: Oh yeah… Buuut if there’s hardly anyone in Tunguska then no one will recognize you there!

Selanio: No.

Selan: Aw.

Selanio: If you’re so interested in aliens, why not just go to Roswell?

Selan: Well, yeah, that’d be cool, but that just seems so obvious.

Selanio: So? It’s got touristy gift shops.

Selan: Very true. (Her face lights up) That can be our honeymoon!

Selanio: Roswell?

Selan: Yeah! It’d be awesome.

Selanio: I—I thought that would be the sort of thing you’d want to take Xeno with you for.

Selan: Naw, there’s no aliens there anyway. But the gift shops would be cool.

Selanio: Look, we can go to Roswell, but not for our honeymoon.

Selan: Why not?

Selanio: It’s not romantic.

Selan: How so?

Selanio (sighing): The only attraction is the gift shops! What about—about mountains in the woods? Scenic views? Secluded cabins where we can make as much noise as we want?

Selan: Well, that sounds nice, but kinda boring…

Selanio: I promise it won’t be.

Selan: Can we at least find a cabin that overlooks… um… a scenic UFO landing site?

Selanio: Sure, fine.

Selan: … in Tunguska? =D

Selanio: No. ><

Selan: Aw.

--End: Episode one hundred thirty-eight

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